What is the role of different advisors?

DeMolay International Advisor

Advisory councils are structured to have areas of responsibility for different advisors. The Chapter Advisor and the Advisory Council Chairman are two required roles. Advisory Councils may assign other specific roles according to the chapter’s needs.

The Chapter Advisor

This advisor serves as the liaison between the Advisory Council and the chapter members. This advisor sees that DI rules and regulations are observed. They work closely with the chapter officers, offering advice and insights for the overall planning of the chapter program

The Advisory Council Chairman

This advisor presides at the meetings of the Advisory Council and coordinates the chapter advisors in their individual roles. Often, this advisor plays a role in recruiting new advisors. He will sometimes serve as the liaison to the sponsoring body. This role must be filled by a Mason.

Other Roles

Advisory Councils may structure themselves with advisors in a number of other roles. For example advisors may be appointed to help the chapter with Ritual, Awards, Fundraising, Membership, Service, etc. In Part 2 of this minute, we will discuss these roles.

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