“A day can be changed or a great moment 

launched by a single phone call”

Such a call came in January of 1919…

As Frank answered the telephone he recognized the voice of Sam Freet a newly installed Senior Warden of Ivanhoe Lodge. “Frank, I have a favor to ask. One of our members, Elmer E. Lower, who had been initiated as a Fellow Craft, died a year ago. Could you find a part-time job for the oldest boy, Louis? He is one of the finest young men I have ever seen.”

“Sam, you called at just the right time. I would be glad to talk to this boy. Send Louis to me, say after school tomorrow if you can arrange it. I shall look forward to meeting him.”

The next afternoon Louis arrived promptly for his interview. Shaking hands with this youth brought a response to Land that seemed to blend them into a common experience that would unite them for years to come. Louis radiated honesty of character, a natural aptitude for leadership, and the grace of movement of the athlete. Frank thought, “If I had a son, I would want him to be just like this lad.”

They talked for a while about school. Louis told him of his aspirations for a place on the track team, of his position as a pitcher on a baseball team, and in response to a question said, “I am a fairly good student. Even with the hard time we are having, I want to finish high school and then help with the education of the others.”

Frank responded, “It is a good goal. You will meet the challenge. Now, tell me about your father. I knew him but only from very casual meetings.”

Louis hesitated as though reluctant to look into the past but finally said, “My father was the finest father a boy ever had.”

That evening, as Nell Land cleared the dinner dishes she said, “Frankie, something happened today. You look like you have found a long lost friend.”

“Not a lost friend, but a new young friend. This boy I talked to today is tremendous. One of the finest young men I have ever met. He is going to work with me in the office and I know I shall enjoy having him around. Perhaps we could take him to church with us Wednesday evening. The teachings would be good for him and you could meet Louis Lower.”

“Yes, we should do just that,” she said. “I suggest that you have him bring a few friends over to the apartment some evening. I would like to meet him.”

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