Day of Comfort

Day of Comfort

This special day should be held on a day convenient to the Chapter between November 15 and December 31. On DeMolay’s Day of Comfort, every member of DeMolay should make an effort to visit the sick and carry words of comfort to those who are confined. The Almoner may be responsible for planning this observance.

Events on this day can include:

• Visit Patients in homes or hospitals. Take something to give out. It does not have to be something major – a flower or a small toy.

• Collect food and or volunteer for the needy, a local community kitchen, food pantry or food bank.

• Volunteer at a daycare or custodial care center.

• Sponsor a local needy family.

• Distribute food, clean blankets, coats, warm socks, and clothing to a shelter for the homeless.

• Sponsor a bingo or a party at a center for confined elders or youth.

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