Congress Corner – January

Hello, again Brothers!

As the new year has begun, we hope that you have found your resolutions and stuck to them. Whether it’s personal health, academic success, creating new relationships, or otherwise, we wish you nothing but success! For us though, our focus in the new year is an intense drive for membership.

If each active DeMolay brought in just one single member, we would bring in nearly twelve THOUSAND new brothers!

To make things even easier, we have a great group of leaders devoted to seeing each member succeed. We all take pride in being a youth-led organization, which still goes for the resources we look to provide you. The phenomenal group of brothers on the Membership Committee have given us a FANTASTIC program that all of you can use, which will be linked in here if you haven’t seen it already.

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For over one hundred years, DeMolay International has given young men the tools to become leaders on their path.




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