Congress Corner – February

Howdy Brothers! 

We hope you all had a fantastic first month of this new year! Recently, DeMolay International has published Congress Officer applications for the 57th DeMolay International Congress. These applications are your opportunity to serve the brethren of DeMolay International at the next level, be ambassadors for our organization worldwide, and truly get a seat at the table on the International level. We encourage each and every member of the Congress who feels they are qualified and ready to serve their brethren at the next level to apply and be considered for candidacy! 

The perks of this job are phenomenal, no doubt. When you often spend most every week visiting a different jurisdiction, you are given the opportunity to work with and befriend all the best brothers and leaders that this organization has to offer. Additionally, you get the chance to make some serious impact as a member of our Board of Directors. That being said, this office is a serious labor of love. For 365 days, you get the pleasure of being sent anywhere, for anything, at any time. If you find yourself feeling ready to take on this incredible challenge, you better be ready to put in the work. We owe it to ourselves to be the best leaders we can be, so that we may leave our successors an incredible foundation to build upon. We cannot wait to see who steps up to lead us Internationally, and to cheer on those who continue to lead us on the state and chapter level!

Before we end our piece, it only feels right to talk a little about membership. We won’t throw you the gritty details of the membership numbers this time, just simply something to consider. In only three weeks, We will approach what can easily be considered a huge time of year for us- DeMolay Month. As you look forward to this next month, consider the following- Is your chapter doing anything special to celebrate the anniversary of DeMolay’s founding? Are there any exciting events across your state that you want to impress your community with on social media? Can you create a membership event and show your friends what makes DeMolay so special? Every day is a great day to grow DeMolay, but many of you across the world are going to do some seriously exciting things over these next few months. Take advantage of these opportunities, and do everything you can to make your impact!

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