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DeMolay International is proud to kick-off our largest community campaign ever, Charity enShrined – A Centennial Courtyard to enshrine 100 years of incredible impact to society. This venture celebrates 100 years of DeMolay and is embellished with symbols of DeMolay’s commitment to the rich history and tradition of our Order. To typify this proud legacy, the courtyard is exemplified by the Frank S. Land Memorial Fountain, a statue of Dad Land seated in his iconic embrace, a statue of Louis Lower the first DeMolay, the Silent Messenger statue, showing our commitment to care for those in need. As you approach the courtyard, you will see the four historical emblems of DeMolay, brightening the space are seven preceptor lights, and standing tall are three flag poles demonstrating the 7th Cardinal Virtue of our Order.

This courtyard is enriched with red bricks throughout which can be customized in a multitude of ways. As you draw closer to the center of the courtyard, large gray bricks can be customized for a chapter, a jurisdiction, a lodge, a shrine, a temple, and more.

Those who purchase bricks between July 18th, 2018 and the end of our DeMolay centennial year
(June 29th, 2019) will receive a special certificate signed by the Grand Master of DeMolay International and the Imperial Potentate of Shriners International.

You will find this Charity enShrined Courtyard at the Henry E. “Hank” Stickney, DeMolay International Service and Leadership Center in Kansas City, Missouri in the Summer of 2019.

For questions, please call 1-800-DEMOLAY (336-6529) or email
Thank you for your support of DeMolay!



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