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DeMolay International establishes new jurisdiction.

In a world where DeMolay has reached six continents, DeMolay International, with the
United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, has established a DeMolay jurisdiction in the
sovereign state of Bulgaria.

At ceremonies conducted in the city of Sophia, Bulgaria, the jurisdictional charter was
presented to the Bulgarian men, women, and youth members by DeMolay
International’s Grand Master, Jon Sellars. Manu Moravenov received his designation to
lead the Jurisdiction of Bulgaria by the DeMolay International Supreme Council.

DeMolay’s expansion throughout the world has provided the DeMolay experience and
values to young men and communities that desire the development of character and
leadership in their young men.

DeMolay International celebrates the DeMolay experience with the population of
Bulgaria through this act of expansion.

About DeMolay International

DeMolay International is a US-based nonprofit headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. It conducts business across six continents. The organization focuses on youth development by providing practical, hands-on experience. We develop civic awareness and personal responsibility for young men between the ages of 9 and 21.

With over 100 years of time-tested stability, DeMolay has fostered the talents of those
involved within the organization that have gone on to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits across the world. The core values DeMolay teaches love of family, respect for spiritual values, courtesy to all, friendship, faith in your fellow man, moral and physical integrity, and patriotism.

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For over one hundred years, DeMolay International has given young men the tools to become leaders on their path.




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