Your son has expressed interest in joining an organization that has many famous alumni such as, Walt Disney, John Wayne, John Steinbeck, Burl Ives, Mel Blanc, Fran Tarkenton, and Pete Rose, just to name a few and there are many more.  Each have spoken eloquently of the life-changing benefit gained from their involvement in DeMolay.

Early in its history, DeMolay has provided a way for parents to become associated with the organization.

Today, Mothers and Parents’ Clubs combine the energies and talents of both mothers and fathers, as well as guardians and step-parents. The best way to support future DeMolay leaders is to be become involved with them at their DeMolay activities.  It is important to DeMolay that parents attend meetings and special events where achievements can be celebrated.  By taking on an active role yourself, you could be the secret to a successful DeMolay program.

The Chapters rely on participation to run successful programs.  DeMolay operates through volunteer leadership, so we ask you to consider volunteering as an Advisor (Official Mentor) of a Chapter.  Volunteer leaders exemplify the DeMolay principle of service to others.  By volunteering, you are giving DeMolay the gift of your time.

Safety is paramount.  DeMolay takes important steps to select and train adult leaders who are committed to providing a safe program consistent with the values of DeMolay.  DeMolay has created a Youth Protection Program to help young men recognize and protect themselves from inappropriate adult behavior, to resist peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol, and how to better communicate with adults and parents.

What could be more valuable?  Take part in the experience of a lifetime together!

“Getting involved in my son’s Chapter has given me an opportunity to watch him grow into the leader he is today.”….. Nanette, Mother and DeMolay Advisor

Interested in having your son join DeMolay? Complete the form below and we will contact you directly about the opportunities locally. We hope you will take this step to open the opportunities for growth, education, constructive fun, and scholarships.

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