Fun! Fun! Fun!

So far, you’ve learned a lot about how DeMolay helps teach you important skills and gives you opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

The best part of learning how to plan and execute a fun event is being at the fun event! DeMolay Chapters are constantly organizing fun gatherings, from dances, to movie trips, to bowling trips, to sports tournaments, to anything fun you can think of doing. Because you have the ability to create your own events, you and your friends get to decide what you want to do. Board game nights? Easy. Lockins? Piece of cake. Video game tournaments? They’re everywhere. All the fun get-togethers you can dream of are possible with your leadership and the help and guidance of your advisors. Sometimes that’s just meeting up at a park to have pizza and talk about life, other times it’s having a grand, formal banquet. The sky is the limit.

If you’re like most young men, you’re probably going to have a lot more fun at DeMolay events when there are girls to socialize with. Luckily, there are Job’s Daughters and Rainbow Girls, which are just like DeMolay, but for young women. Job’s Daughters Bethels and Rainbow Girl Assemblies are all around the world, and they’re likely active in your area. A Masonic Youth event is the perfect environment to meet and talk to girls your age with similar interests, so be sure to ask your advisors and Chapter friends about your immediate Masonic Youth community.

Join DeMolay!

Membership Requirements:

To be eligible to join DeMolay, three simple requirements need to be met by the applicant.

  • You are a young man between the ages of 12 and 21.
  • You are of good moral character.
  • You believe in a supreme being (all religions welcome).

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