Congress 2022 – 2023 Committee Update

Our Brothers,

We are proud to announce all of those serving on committees and as Region Representatives for the following year! One of our most important aspects of our organization is that we are a youth organization, led by the youth. While we have advisors and mentors that keep us on the right path, we get the decision-making power within our jurisdictions. As these young men step into their roles on the international level, that philosophy holds true.

We look forward to working with these brothers in building bridges and producing programs that will benefit every brother of our Order. The goal of the 56th Congress Officers is to improve the DeMolay experience for every active DeMolay. We hope this is one small step in accomplishing our solemn goal.

Bo Ross, Chair – OK
Nathan Kerlin, Deptuty Chair – TN
Andy Garcia, UT
Caleb Malousek, NE
Cole Hurst, WA
Michael Roach, IA
Hunter Heimburger, MO
Tyler Copenhaver, TX
Connor Pargin, IL
Social Media
Ryan Brown, Chair – IL
Max Shanmugasunduram, Depty Chair – Nor Cal
Cade Lowrance, TN
Cash Heath, AR
Griffin Thurfield, MD
Hunter Barten, WY
Kenneth Roman, So Cal
Jaiden Smith, MN
Calvin Pierre, IN
Jimmy Neiswander, MO
River Peatman, Chair – WA/Canada
Bam Autrey, Deputy Chair – AL
Dante Anderson, OR
David Nastase, Romania
Joshua Evenstad, WA
William Henry, NM
Bryce Tekulve, IN
Cole Westermayer, Chair – MO
Eli Jason, Deputy Chair – FL
Justin Glass, MN
Owen Vermeulen, IN
Kevin Durden, AR
Ciorap Silviu-George, Romania
Dean Papadogianis, IL
Alex Hulstrom, AZ
Congress Region Representatives
Region 1 – Jack Campbell, CT
Region 2 – Heath Robinson, VA
Region 3 – Isaac Brakefield, AL
Region 4 – Josiah Clark, OH
Region 5 – Wyatt Hyde, IA
Region 6 – Justin Ogle, OK
Region 7 – Aiden Carillo, CO
Region 8 – Michael Cherry, Nor Cal
Region 9 – TBA
Region 10 – TBA

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