Branding Helps in Building DeMolay Chapters

Being intentional in your actions and presentation sets you up for success. Missouri DeMolay integrated the Road Begins campaign and internal branding to develop a professional and stunning backdrop for chapter development. Nothing replaces the hard work needed to foster relationships. Realizing this, Jeff Kitsmiller, Executive Officer of Missouri, cultivated the impression of DeMolay as a first-class organization you want to work with in his booth.

The vision has paid off, with six potential chapters working through various sponsorship development and chapter formation. Providing an image of DeMolay that invites individuals to engage and allows the power of what we do to be seen and heard makes us stronger.

Sharing successes allows for others to replicate such actions. In a recent conversation between Executive Officers, Jeff Kitsmiller offered assistance to jurisdictions wanting help in doing the same in their jurisdictions. Contact your Executive Officer if you want assistance.

DeMolay International can also provide assistance and access to the campaign assets. Beyond the items on the website, DeMolay International can also provide access to all assets via a google drive link.

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